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Pavel Rehulek


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DoSomething.nu : Unity 3D development logo

Development: apps and games

Let's dream for a moment. Try to imagine that the development of a game is not a matter of years. For a second, let's forget about the grind of simultaneous development for Android, iOS and Windows. What if the route from an idea to a playable concept would be a matter of days thanks to the Unity 3D engine? Switch your fantasy on and see how your app gets a life on the screen of your phone. Can you be on Google Play before the end of month? Now is it really just a dream?

Let's turn these Digital dreams into reality!

Jednoduchá cesta z Unity 3D do operačních systémů iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome

Single Unity 3D Project

Multiplatform Deploy

Graphics: Design, brand development & webdesign

Magic: Interactive Projects and events

Some of these projects may indeed seem a little bit magical. Interconnecting technologies can yield unexpected results. Interested in interactive projections, machines controlled in virtual environment, Arduino, Oculus Rift, wearable electronics? Thinking about Kinect-controlled mechanisms? What about augmented reality, Vuforia, QR codes? Can your product send an e-mail or text you?


Let's talk about the future now!

Lilly in Second Life - promo event footage
Metacloud - interactive datacenter in virtual world
Spiders Game - interactive ifloor projection

A good design is more than just the logotype, business cards and a stationery. A really great design begins with the product or service itself and it is of major importance the whole way toward your clients. It is well-thought-of, and timeless in it's essence. It will bend to your actual need, yet still be the solid rock for your brand to hold on to. Web design is built with future growth in mind, the logotype is ready to blossom with regular revitalizations. It sticks with you - with everyday assurance, nevertheless ready for a breath taking moment when you need it most.


Your apps deserve not only a beautiful, handcrafted icon, but also elegant user interface, presskit or banners! Your profiles on social networks will become even more powerful tool with a loving care of their visual. And the best of it all is this: We are going to have enormous fun during the creative process!

Spiders Game

Interactive projection

Lilly in Second Life

Mixed reality promo event


Virtual datacenter experiments